More often than not, clients and property developers concentrate on completing their projects and we understand how you may feel in not having time to worry or think about construction Health & Safety issues or vetting your sub-contractors or keeping up with construction health and safety legislation and knowledge.


Clients and property developers are further exposed and at risk of their project receiving a HSE visit and potential investigation in to a failure of their Client duties under the CDM Regulations possibly leading to a Fee for Intervention (FFI) or a prosecution leading to a large fine or imprisonment!..

For over 20 years of working within the construction industry we’ve seen your problems of never having enough time for the management of CDM and Health & Safety risks on your project or having someone to turn to for advice on the latest Construction Health & Safety knowledge.

The CDM Regulations has changed markedly over the years with HSE placing a bigger focus on ‘client duties’.

Most clients or property developers, particularly those who only occasionally commission construction work, will not be experts and do not need to have detailed skills, knowledge or experience of the construction process. However, they must make suitable arrangements for their project so that it can be managed in a way that secures health and safety. This includes appointing people with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and the organisational ability to carry out the work.

We have worked with lots of clients and property developers over the years by offering bespoke services and solutions to their problems.

You can concentrate on completing your projects well, on time and on budget and not worry or think about construction Health & Safety issues.

Salus have an easy 3 step process that guarantees compliance to the CDM Regulations, that manages the assessment of multiple contractors and provides support which takes the Complexity out of Compliance for you as the client or property developer.

Be content in the knowledge that you are supported by an accredited and competent construction Health & Safety professional company which takes the Complexity out of CDM Compliance.

You can be safe and compliant using Salus as your CDM Advisers or Principal Designers.

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The Salus Story

The Salus Story

The company was founded by Wayne Jones in June 2006 to provide cost effective professional health and safety advice to SME’s and small contractors who would otherwise not have access to an expert in health and safety.

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